Matchmaking: When David Met Goliath

Senior fellow Karen Brooks Hopkins recently penned a blog post on limiting competition and increasing collaboration between small and large arts organizations. Large organizations, less diverse and more classically oriented, receive the lion’s share of funding. Smaller ones don’t get nearly the same funding, and need more visibility. There’s a win-win in this, and Brooks Hopkins offers several suggestions to bridge the divide including a multi-year funding consortium and programming that fosters visionary thinking, using as an example programs at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where she served as president from 1999 until 2015. 

"So, the question is: how can these two sides, both hoping to create and deliver the best work, serve their audiences and communities at the highest level; in essence, how can they meet and find happiness together? In many ways, there is so much to gain if these organizations can find common ground."


Karen Brooks Hopkins, "Matchmaking: When David Met Goliath," SMU National Center for Arts Research, January 9, 2017,