Workshop on Reconciliation of Linked Open Data

On December 1–2, 2014, Mellon staff in the Scholarly Communications program hosted a Workshop on Reconciliation of Linked Open Data.  The agenda, list of participants, and the presentations from this meeting are available below.

Workshop on Reconciliation of Linked Open Data


Icon Agenda (285.7 KB)Icon Participants (194.3 KB)


Rob Sanderson

Icon The Linked Data Snowball and Why We Need Reconciliation (5.7 MB)

Philip Schreur

Icon Research Libraries and Identity Management: Reconciling Our Futures (1008.0 KB)Icon Speaker notes for Research Libraries and Identity Management (136.6 KB)

Dean Krafft

Icon Enhancing Discovery with Entity Reconciliation: Use Cases from the Linked Data for Libraries (LD4L) Project (1.3 MB)

Hugh Glaser

It's All about Identification []

Jim Hendler

Icon Note on Workshop Topics (522.5 KB)


Rob Sanderson

Icon Reconciliation of Linked Data in the Cultural Heritage Sector: Notes on a Meeting Convened by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (98.9 KB)

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