Electronic Publishing

The program supports the development of digital reference resources, editions, journals, and book-length works.  However, rather than providing subventions for individual publishing projects, the program makes grants that build the capacities of not-for-profit academic presses and other organizations that act as publishers to produce high-quality, broadly accessible, digital products.  The Foundation is particularly interested in:

  • those publishing projects that experiment with new business models that promise to make academic publishing in the humanities more sustainable
  • those that employ or develop new tools and workflows to enhance authoring, editing, and reading
  • those that may result in a broad acceptance of high-quality digital-first or digital-only publications for promotion and tenure in the academy

The program also supports research on the economic aspects of the academic publishing industry. 

Recently funded projects include People of the Founding Era, a born-digital prosopography of the American Founding Era, planning for the innovative online Public Philosophy Journal, a study of the feasibility of collaborative direct marketing for university presses, and support for the Alliance for the Networking of Visual Culture that has been responsible for the development of the multimedia authoring platform Scalar.