The IHESP program supports select leading research universities in South Africa, other parts of Africa, and the Middle East and specific pan-African and pan-Arab institutions that support collaboration between universities.  Support is restricted entirely to the arts, humanities, and humanistic social sciences.  Institutions are encouraged to focus on institutional priorities that are aligned with their visions and strategic plans, and to also take into account the Foundation's foci of public humanities and the arts, diversity and inclusion, international collaboration, and digital media.  The Foundation encourages institutions to contribute financially to programs for which they seek support, and to give serious attention to the institutionalization and sustainability of programs that are supported by the Foundation. 

The IHESP program will consider proposed multinational collaborative endeavors between those universities and institutions that it supports, as well as between its grantees and other African, Middle Eastern, and international universities.

The Foundation makes grants only to universities and institutions, and not to individuals.  All grants result from invitations for proposals that are issued to institutions with which IHESP program staff have had prior exchanges.  The IHESP program does not consider proposals from individuals, or uninvited proposals.

Inquiries about possible support should not be sent to more than one Foundation program. 

Initial inquiries should be brief, and should be submitted through the Foundation's grantee portal at  If you already have an account on the Foundation’s grantee portal, please contact program staff directly.

The Foundation does not accommodate overhead costs, indirect costs, and capital costs (construction, renovation, and equipment); one-off events (such as conferences, seminars, and workshops, unless they are an integral part of a multi-year program or project); undergraduate student travel, tuition, or financial aid; nor programs and projects in STEM fields, or in fields such as basic education, economics, psychology, social work, journalism, law, business, medicine, and public health.

Grantmaking Policies and Guidelines

Please see the Foundation's grantmaking policies and guidelines for more information regarding the submission of proposals, annual reporting requirements, and grant modification procedures.