Humanities in Place

Humanities in Place supports a fuller, more complex telling of American histories and lived experiences by deepening the range of how and where our stories are told and by bringing a wider variety of voices into the public dialogue. 

Working with media, historic and memorial spaces, didactic museums and other institutions, and conveners of public experiences—including the digital or ephemeral—we strive to expand the public expression of the histories that have made us and the values we hold.

Our program encourages bold, innovative rethinking of past practice, and visionary new approaches for how to collectively understand, uplift, and celebrate more complete stories about who we are—in community with one another and in society. 

In Focus: Bryan Stevenson at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice 

“You think about the kind of hearts and souls and minds that were required to endure and survive [slavery and racial terror]…and still have the capacity to love.”—Bryan Stevenson


Telling a Fuller American Story through Historic Preservation 

The largest-ever private preservation campaign of African American historic sites has taken flight.