Research Universities and Institutes

The Foundation's grants to research universities and institutes for advanced study seek to help institutions train the next generation of faculty in the humanities, strengthen humanities research, and renew and broaden disciplines, research areas, and curricula.  Although some grants support projects that are specific to individual institutions, many are ranged within broader initiatives that encourage participating universities to exchange information about research outcomes and institutional practices.  Through its grantmaking, the program aims to strengthen the entire system of higher education in the humanities, and enable lesser-resourced institutions to participate fully in it.

Special Initiatives

The Foundation is currently supporting two initiatives that extend across multiple campuses and institutes.

The Foundation supports programs that:

  • Broaden the intellectual and professional horizons of graduate students and faculty alike
  • Increase diversity in doctoral programs and university faculties
  • Prepare doctoral candidates to become effective teachers
  • Train faculty and students in digital humanities
  • Experiment with blended or online learning in the humanities
  • Take effective approaches to the study of languages and pre-modern areas of the humanities that have seen retrenchment
  • Strengthen the intellectual framework for international and global approaches to the humanities
  • Engage humanities scholars in "grand challenge" problems that affect societies and the environment in an interconnected world
  • Enable independent research libraries and institutes to develop innovative research programs and teach critical humanities skills
  • Encourage the flow of knowledge from universities and institutes into their communities and from their communities into their institutions