Higher Education and Scholarship in the Humanities


Mariët Westermann
Executive Vice President for Programs and Research

Dianne Harris
Senior Program Officer

Eugene M. Tobin
Senior Program Officer

Sharon Blackwell
Executive Assistant

Mary Bates
Program Associate

Susan I. Dady
Program Associate

Leah Schulson
Program Associate

Martha Sullivan
Program Associate

Beatriz Dal Poz
Program Assistant


Eligible universities are research-intensive, and may be either private or public.  The Foundation encourages institutions to consider their ability to contribute to and sustain programs they seek to launch with Foundation support.  The eligibility of colleges and other organizations is determined by staff on the basis of criteria established over several decades.  At present, approximately 100 colleges are eligible to seek direct grants from the program.

For grants in the collaborative/cross-institutional category of the integrated higher-education program, staff pay special attention to inquiries that link the projects of existing grantees to institutions not previously supported by the Foundation.  Since the available funds will permit staff to invite only a small number of proposals, the need for a high-level of congruence with the program's priorities and the Foundation's cross-cutting emphases has to be underscored.

The Foundation makes grants to institutions and organizations, not to individuals.  All grants result from invitations issued by the Foundation to institutions with which staff have engaged in preliminary exchanges.  Uninvited proposals cannot be considered.  Inquiries about possibilities for support should not be sent to more than one Foundation program.  If you already have an account on the Foundation’s grantee portal, please contact program staff directly. Otherwise, please submit an initial inquiry through the Foundation's grantee portal at https://mellon.fluxx.io.

In addition to overhead, indirect costs, and capital costs (construction, renovation, equipment), the Higher Education and Scholarship in the Humanities program does not fund food and catering expenses, venue rentals, projects in the social sciences or STEM fields, endowment management fees, one-off conferences, and undergraduate travel, tuition, or financial aid.

Grantmaking Policies and Guidelines

Please see the Foundation's grantmaking policies and guidelines for more information regarding the submission of proposals, annual reporting requirements, and grant modification procedures.

Other Funding Opportunities

The Higher Education and Scholarship in the Humanities program supports a number of fellowship programs, some of which are managed by other organizations.