Performing Arts

The Foundation is dedicated to fostering a dynamic, diverse, and sustainable ecosystem for the practice, study, and appreciation of the performing arts.  Grants seek to animate the intersection of interests between artists and the public by supporting organizations that are undertaking adaptive practices and working to be inclusive in all aspects of artistic and organizational activity.  Working with leading producing and presenting organizations, developmental labs, institutions of higher education, and service organizations, we aim to strengthen the position of artists in all stages of development and presentation of new work. 

Grantmaking in the Performing Arts

We primarily make grants in the areas of dance, music, theater, and multidisciplinary forms.  Priorities within these areas include Artists and New Work, Adaptive Organizational Practices, the Public Value of the Arts, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Artists and New Work

  • Development.  We fund residency programs for artists ranging from short-term intensive residencies to multi-year salaried positions.  We also bolster the capacity of developmental labs in theater, opera, and dance, and encourage collaborations between labs and producing or presenting organizations that make complementary use of their resources in order to optimize support for artists and encourage multiple productions.  Rehearsal space subsidy programs in New York City provide access to artists who lack sufficient space in which to rehearse.  Other funding for commissions, development, and touring of new work by individual artists and ensembles is available through a number of regranting programs.
  • Presentation.  We provide support for development of a work beyond the premiere, touring opportunities to increase income and audiences for artists, and collaborations that lead to further productions through the expansion of presenter networks.  We also support the presentation of ambitious projects on college and university campuses.

Adaptive Organizational Practices

Recognizing profound technological and demographic changes that are affecting the performing arts, the Foundation supports organizations that are addressing organizational change, questions of civic value, and long-term sustainability.  Current priorities are:

  • Strengthening the role of artists in organizations and increasing their participation in institutional practice
  • Collaborative artistic and organizational activity as a means of effectively deploying resources, encouraging continued life of new work, and bolstering the performing arts sector
  • Experimentation with new presentation formats
  • Professional development at various career stages, including succession planning
  • Diagnostics and improvement of the financial health of small to medium-sized organizations
  • Occasional research projects designed to broaden understanding of the sector
  • Select technology projects aimed at helping artists and small arts organizations strengthen their business practices or aggregate and share performance and event information on a common basis

Public Value of the Arts

We support organizations that assert the public value of the performing arts through distinctive community bonds, including:

  • Artistic content grown from neighborhood roots—whether through local partnerships, themes, or artists—and conducive to public discourse
  • Inclusive strategies that broaden access to the arts by encouraging participation and expression in activities that create robust community relationships
  • Efforts to preserve and increase access to significant collections of work from the contemporary American performing arts canon

Diversity and Inclusion

We aim to assist organizations in building their capacity to serve diverse and inclusive communities.  Current priorities include:

  • Initiatives aimed at diversifying leadership, staff, artists, and audiences
  • Programming that reflects a variety of cultural perspectives, celebrates artists from underrepresented communities, or has strong historical ties to specific regions
  • Ambitious artistic work and capacity building by culturally specific and geographically diverse organizations