Inquiries and Guidelines

Arts and Culture


Emil J. Kang
Program Director

Erin Cantrell-Martinez
Executive Assistant

Deborah Cullen-Morales
Program Officer

Susan Feder
Program Officer

Hannah Ford
Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Planning

Abigail Choudhury
Program Associate

Casandra Hernández Faham
Program Associate

Emily Waters
Program Associate

Kibra Yohannes
Program Associate

Natasha Forrester
Program Assistant

Rocco Praderio
Program Assistant

Zuleika Milan
Executive Assistant


The Foundation makes grants to institutions and organizations, not to individuals.  All grants result from invitations issued by the Foundation to institutions with which staff have engaged in preliminary exchanges.  We are unable to consider uninvited proposals.  Please do not send inquiries about possibilities for support to more than one Foundation program.  If you already have an account on the Foundation's grantee portal, please contact program staff directly.  Otherwise, please submit an inquiry through the Foundation's grantee portal at

We do not fund direct grants to individuals, capital and equipment costs, overhead, indirect costs, tuition, endowment management fees, one-off conferences, conservation treatment, exhibitions, K–12 arts education, or digitization of collections.

Grantmaking Policies and Guidelines

Please see the Foundation's grantmaking policies and guidelines for more information regarding the submission of proposals, annual reporting requirements, and grant modification procedures.

Other Funding Opportunities

The Arts and Culture program supports a number of regranting programs in the performing arts.