When Faculty of Color Feel Isolated, Consortia Expand Their Networks

"Research has shown that the cards are often stacked against academics of color: They face student evaluations rife with racial bias, higher expectations of “invisible labor” like diversity and inclusion work, microaggressions, and outright discrimination. Taken together, it’s an uphill climb, especially at small, mostly white institutions. Opportunities to expand their networks and demystify academe could make that climb easier, [Alicia] Moore thought. That’s the idea behind Focus, or Faculty of Color Uniting for Success, which centers on annual summer workshops that offer direct support. Moore and her Southwestern colleagues collaborated with their counterparts at two other small, liberal-arts colleges in the South, Hendrix College and Millsaps College, to create the program, which is funded by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation administered by the Associated Colleges of the South."


Emma Pettit, "When Faculty of Color Feel Isolated, Consortia Expand Their Networks,"The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 22, 2019.