"Race Matters" on the PBS NewsHour

As part of its "Race Matters" initiative, partially funded by the Foundation, the PBS NewsHour is producing a series of broadcasts examining race relations and racial discrimination.  Hosted by Charlayne Hunter-Gault, this initiative also includes opportunities for viewers to converse with Hunter-Gault and other experts over social media and is producing a syllabus on the subject of race, with recommended readings for elementary, high school, and college students. 

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Recent Race Matters Programming

August 1, 2018
"Unearthing Sally Hemings' Legacy at Monticello"

July 31, 2018
"The Arguments for and Against More Powerful Local Government"

February 21, 2017
"How a Simple Game of Chess Can Break Through Stereotypes"

December 28, 2016
"This Inner City School is a Bridge to Empowerment for Children of Color"

October 25, 2016
"How the N-word Became the 'Atomic Bomb of Racial Slurs'"

September 29, 2016
"Newark’s Mayor on Solutions he is Using to Change his City Making it a Better Place for All"

August 2, 2016
"How Gary, Indiana, is Improving Community-Police Relations"

June 22, 2016
"In Southern Schools, Segregation and Inequality Aren’t Just History — They’re Reality"

May 10, 2016
"The Challenge of Understanding the Full Dynamics of Racism in 2016"

March 28, 2016 
"As Racial Hate Groups Rise, Strategies to Shut Them Down"

February 25, 2016
"How a Former Model Plans to Diversify the Fashion Industry"

February 18, 2016 
"How One Chief Tried to Reverse Police Wrongs of the Civil Rights Era"

December 15, 2015 
"What Stagnant Diversity Means for America’s Newsrooms"

November 27, 2015 
"Steering Young People away from a Life Mixed Up with Gangs"

November 13, 2015 
"How Unintentional but Insidious Bias Can Be the Most Harmful"
"What Is a Microaggression?" 

September 17, 2015 
"How Can America Narrow Divisions Between Police and Community"