The Million Book Project is now Freedom Reads

logo depicting a book with wings followed by logotype "Freedom Reads"

"Some say it’s all about the name. Others shrug: What’s in a name? I know I’ve walked the tightrope from an old to a new one before. Once, leaving my father’s name behind to be called Shahid in the prisons where I’d witness much of what would shape me going forward. Then, coming home to reclaim my father’s name and try to make good on whatever his parents thought it promised him, and what he and my moms imagined it promised me. And while this initiative of ours to let books cascade into prisons by any other name would still support the efforts of people inside to envision their lives in new ways...

"We are leaving behind “Million Book Project” and embracing Freedom Reads, a new name to honor our driving recognition that freedom begins with a book."