Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Launches "Creatives Rebuild New York"

In connection with Governor Cuomo’s recovery plan for New York and President Elizabeth Alexander’s participation in the governor’s Reimagine New York Commission, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has announced Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY), an initiative that recognizes the centrality of the arts and artists to New York State’s recovery from the economic, cultural, and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
New York State is an unquestioned leader in arts and arts-related economic output and employment, accounting for 15 percent of the nation’s $760 billion in economic contributions by the arts. Arts and culture are powerful economic engines for the state, accounting for 7.5% of its economy, more than retail, construction, or transportation. Beyond their undeniable position as an economic powerhouse,  the arts—and artists—are essential to the vibrancy of our communities, offering opportunities for reflection, empathy, and visionary imagination, illuminating our shared human experience and possibility. With California as the sole exception, New York is estimated to experience the greatest absolute losses to its creative economy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and while this loss will have the most direct impact on the state’s many artists, it will be felt by all New Yorkers. 
CRNY is an innovative initiative that will support dozens of small-to-midsize community arts organizations and more than 1,000 individual artists over the next two years. The Mellon Foundation is leading the program’s development in partnership with funders, local nonprofits, and government stakeholders who share the Foundation’s view of artists as stalwarts of local economies and sources of insight and inspiration about events of our time. Details about CRNY’s contours and administration will be released in the coming weeks. Queries regarding the initiative may be directed to


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