Our Compelling Interests

The Value of Diversity for Democracy and a Prosperous Society

Major demographic changes taking place in America today necessitate a renewed discussion about diversity. At a time when society is swiftly being transformed, Our Compelling Interests: The Value of Diversity for Democracy and a Prosperous Society investigates how diversity and social connectedness are imperative to our shared success.

Hardcover | September 2016


336 pp. | ISBN: 9780691170480


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As the inaugural volume in a multiyear series, Our Compelling Interests comes as we contemplate a transforming societal landscape. The series promises to explore diversity—in racial, socioeconomic, gender, religious, regional, sexual, and other forms—through accessible, sophisticated, and balanced treatments by leading scholars, writers, intellectuals, and commentators. The goal is lively, informed analysis, not social or political bromides. We have commissioned studies of how diversity affects social organization and productivity, educational access and testing, crime and incarceration, art and creativity, education and social mobility.

At a time when American society is quickly evolving, Our Compelling Interests sheds light on how diversity offers communities a prescription for thriving now and in the future, and gives nations a competitive edge.