Search Tips

There are two options for searching for grants awarded by the Foundation:

  • an interactive map search that allows searching grants awarded in ten-year increments
  • an advanced search that allows viewing grants across decades

About the Map Search 

The map search allows searching grants—in increments of no more than ten years—by the geographic location of the grantee organization.  In most cases this will be the area in which the grant project is carried out, but sometimes the organization receiving the grant funds is located in a different country or city from the grant project.

Selecting "limit search to map boundaries,"  allows a view of grants made to organizations located within the visible confines of the map.  The view may be adjusted by zooming in or out or otherwise navigating the map.

About the Advanced Search

The advanced search allows searching through all years of the Foundation's grantmaking rather than narrowing your search to ten-year increments.  While the advanced search does not include a map search interface, it does include filters for program area, grant amount, date, and location.

Conducting a Keyword Search

Keyword searches retrieve words found in the fields for:

  • Grantee
  • Project
  • Description
  • Location
  • Program
  • Area of Focus

Searching for Words and Phrases

  • Use and, or, and not to combine search terms.
  • Two adjacent words will be searched as if they are connected with and.
  • Use quotation marks to search for phrases (e.g., "social sciences").

Truncation and Wildcards

The search engine often retrieves words that share a root, but have different suffixes (e.g., institute, institution, and institutional retrieve the same number of grant records).  This action is not entirely predictable, however, as art and artist will not retrieve an identical set of records.

Selecting Program Areas and Applying Filters

Selections made from the program areas menu are cumulative—each additional program area selected will be added to the search.  The filters for location, amount, date, and keyword allow for search refinement.