Managing a Grant

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If you need additional assistance, please contact Foundation staff at or at (212) 500-2484 during business hours 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST.


Mellon requires regular grant reports from our grantees. The reporting requirements and schedule for each grant can be found in the grant agreement and in Mellon’s Grants Portal, Fluxx. Grantees will receive automatic email notifications (sent to key grant contacts) prior to upcoming report due dates. Please contact program staff if you need to discuss modifications to your reporting schedule.

All reports should be submitted through Fluxx. Please consult Mellon’s guide to Submitting Grant Reports for additional instructions and information.

Financial Reporting

Financial reports should be specific to the grant budget. If your organization has multiple grants from Mellon, separate reports must be provided for each grant. Grantees are required to use the same budget categories that were used in the grant proposal, making it possible for line-by-line comparison of the approved budget and actual expenditures.

For grants approved from April 2018 onward, please use the Grant Budget: Financial Reports section of Fluxx to submit financial reports. For grants approved prior to April 2018, please use the original proposal budget template or the most recently approved revised budget template, which can be attached to the narrative report record in Fluxx.

Grant Modifications

We recognize that circumstances may change over the life of a grant. Mellon asks that grantees inform our staff of any significant changes in project staffing, organizational leadership, scheduling, or budgeting during the grant period. When these changes impact a project such that a modification to the grant timeframe or other terms is needed, please contact program staff and request advance written approval to modify the grant terms.

Types of grant modifications include: 

  • extension of the grant period to permit additional time to complete supported activities; 
  • reallocation of funds to permit spending in a manner different than that described in the original budget (e.g. from one budget category to another); 
    • Please note that Mellon does not consider spending in different reporting periods, that is within the same budget category, to be a reallocation.
  • rollover of funds from an older Mellon grant into a newer grant awarded for the same purpose;
  • extension of the matching period to permit additional time to satisfy a matching condition; and 
  • transfer of grant funds from the original grantee to another organization.  

Please note: Mellon staff do not regularly consider requests to alter the basic purpose of a grant or requests that seek to modify endowment grants or matching conditions, as they may require Board review and approval.

Requesting a Modification

If you need to modify a grant, please send a brief email to program staff summarizing the proposed modification. Program staff will determine whether to invite a formal modification request through Fluxx.

Matching Grants 

For grants with a matching component, the grant agreement sets forth the terms for payments, including the matching ratio, the timeframe for raising matching funds, and the payment installment amounts. To request a release or payment of matching funds, please submit a Matching Funds Request, including required documentation and evidence of contributions, via the Reports section of the Portal. 

Read more about Matching Grants in our Grantmaking Policies.

Organizational Information 

Please ensure that organizational contact and banking information is up to date for your grant and organization. For more information, please see the guides below.