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18,404  Grants awarded for  $8,454,111,295
GranteeProjectDate AmountLocationProgram
Beta-Local, Inc.Support for Staff Infrastructure and Regranting03/06/19$230,000San Juan, PR, United StatesOther
Boston UniversityNew Directions Fellowship (Uden)03/06/19$187,000Boston, MA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of MichiganNew Directions Fellowship (Kawar)03/06/19$201,000Ann Arbor, MI, United StatesHigher Learning
University of Southern CaliforniaThe University of the Future: Training in Academic Administration03/06/19$1,250,000Los Angeles, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
Georgia Institute of TechnologyDigital Interdisciplinary Arts Center - Phase II03/06/19$1,500,000Atlanta, GA, United StatesHigher Learning
Institute of International Education, Inc.Artist Protection Fund03/06/19$2,500,000New York, NY, United StatesArts and Culture
Brown UniversityHumanities Open Book03/06/19$172,000Providence, RI, United StatesPublic Knowledge
San Antonio Museum of ArtPostdoctoral Curatorial Fellowships03/06/19$500,000San Antonio, TX, United StatesArts and Culture
Amherst CollegeCultivating Effective Citizens: A Public Scholarship Project03/06/19$250,000Amherst, MA, United StatesOther
Harvard UniversityEthics Pedagogy Fellows Program03/06/19$500,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesOther
National Humanities Alliance FoundationHumanities for All and Study the Humanities03/06/19$650,000Washington, DC, United StatesHigher Learning
Northwestern UniversityAcademic Leadership Development03/06/19$100,000Evanston, IL, United StatesHigher Learning
University of California at BerkeleyAcademic Leadership Development03/06/19$100,000Berkeley, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
Grinnell CollegeNew Directions Fellowship (Byrd)03/06/19$298,000Grinnell, IA, United StatesHigher Learning
Northwestern UniversityNew Directions Fellowship (Parkinson)03/06/19$297,000Evanston, IL, United StatesHigher Learning
Vanderbilt UniversityCenter for Digital Humanities03/06/19$1,500,000Nashville, TN, United StatesHigher Learning
American UniversityHumanities Truck Project03/06/19$650,000Washington, DC, United StatesHigher Learning
San Diego Repertory Theatre, Inc.National Playwright Residency Program03/06/19$407,500San Diego, CA, United StatesArts and Culture
Indiana UniversityHumanities Open Book03/06/19$183,000Bloomington, IN, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Cincinnati Museum AssociationReinstallation of the Ancient Near Eastern Galleries03/06/19$400,000Cincinnati, OH, United StatesArts and Culture
University of ChicagoAccess to an Enhancement of the Collections of the Black Metropolis Research Consortium03/06/19$250,000Chicago, IL, United StatesOther
Harvard UniversityThe Democracy Project: A National Initiative to Improve Civics Education in K-12 Schools03/06/19$1,000,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesOther
International African American MuseumCreation and Curation of the IAAM03/06/19$1,500,000Charleston, SC, United StatesHigher Learning
Prairie View A&M UniversityAcademic Leadership Development03/06/19$100,000Prairie View, TX, United StatesHigher Learning
University of PennsylvaniaAcademic Leadership Development03/06/19$100,000Philadelphia, PA, United StatesHigher Learning
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