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        16,312  Grants awarded for  $6,486,509,546
        Michigan State UniversityExpanding Links Between Mathematics and Ecology09/19/03$250,000East Lansing, MI, United StatesPast Programs
        South African National ParksEcosystems Research and Training09/19/03$130,000Pretoria, South AfricaPast Programs
        Natural History MuseumDigitization - Wallace Papers09/19/03$90,000London, United KingdomPast Programs
        University of Cape TownEcosystems Research and Training - Hluhluwe - Bond/Craine10/01/04$350,000Cape Town, South AfricaPast Programs
        University of OxfordEcosystems Research and Training - Gillson10/01/04$345,000Oxford, United KingdomPast Programs
        Pontificia Universidad Catolica de ChileCoastal Research10/01/04$380,000Santiago, ChilePast Programs
        Ecological Society of America, Inc.Publication Fund10/01/04$750,000Washington, DC, United StatesPast Programs
        University of California at Santa BarbaraEcosystems Research and Training - Chadwick09/17/05$45,000Santa Barbara, CA, United StatesPast Programs
        Yale UniversityReproductive Biology - Research03/18/81$400,000New Haven, CT, United StatesPast Programs
        University of MichiganReproductive Biology03/17/82$65,000Ann Arbor, MI, United StatesPast Programs
        Guttmacher Institute, Inc.International Family Planning Perspectives03/16/83$480,000New York, NY, United StatesPast Programs
        Nature Conservancy, Inc.Natural Heritage Inventory03/16/83$1,000,000Arlington, VA, United StatesPast Programs
        American Academy of Arts and SciencesInternational Institute for Applied Systems Analysis - Young Scientists03/14/84$25,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesPast Programs
        Columbia UniversityClinical Epidemiology03/14/84$600,000New York, NY, United StatesPast Programs
        Columbia UniversityInternational Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction03/28/85$700,000New York, NY, United StatesPast Programs
        Harvard UniversityHarvard Forest - Forest Microbiology03/28/85$90,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesPast Programs
        Harvard UniversityClinical Epidemiology03/28/85$650,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesPast Programs
        University of MichiganPopulation Centers Program03/28/85$600,000Ann Arbor, MI, United StatesPast Programs
        Vanderbilt UniversityReproductive Biology [Orgebin-Crist]03/28/85$275,000Nashville, TN, United StatesPast Programs
        Cornell UniversityHypertension Center03/27/86$600,000Ithaca, NY, United StatesPast Programs
        University of VermontField Naturalist Curriculum03/27/86$250,000Burlington, VT, United StatesPast Programs
        World Resources InstituteTropical Forests Program03/27/86$350,000Washington, WA, United StatesPast Programs
        Conservation FoundationState Park Systems03/27/86$85,000Washington, DC, United StatesPast Programs
        Harvard UniversityHarvard Forest - Forest Microbiology03/19/87$100,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesPast Programs
        National Academy of SciencesCommittee on Population03/19/87$25,000Washington, DC, United StatesPast Programs