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228  Grants awarded for  $38,373,000
GranteeProjectDateAmount LocationProgram
The Graduate Center of the City University of New YorkSawyer Seminar: 'Cultures and Histories of Freedom: Ideology, Slavery, and Creolization, 1500-1900'06/05/14$175,000New York, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
University of Wisconsin at MadisonSawyer Seminar: 'Bibliomigrancy: World Literature in the Public Sphere'06/05/14$175,000Madison, WI, United StatesHigher Learning
Indiana UniversitySawyer Seminar: "Documentary Media and Historical Transformation"06/04/15$175,000Bloomington, IN, United StatesHigher Learning
University of IowaSawyer Seminar: "Cultural and Textual Exchanges"06/04/15$175,000Iowa City, IA, United StatesHigher Learning
Boston UniversitySawyer Seminar: Philosophy of Emerging Computational Technologies09/15/16$175,000Boston, MA, United StatesHigher Learning
Stanford UniversitySawyer Seminar: Digital Humanities Asia09/15/16$175,000Stanford, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of Minnesota at Twin CitiesSawyer Seminar: The Politics of Land09/15/16$175,000Minneapolis, MN, United StatesHigher Learning
University of OxfordSawyer Seminars - Understanding Human Creativity: Ecologies and Practices of Invention06/18/10$175,000Oxford, United KingdomHigher Learning
Johns Hopkins UniversitySawyer Seminars - Comparative Study of Cultures: Capitalism in Transition/Capitalism in Crisis05/31/12$175,000Baltimore, MD, United StatesHigher Learning
Cornell UniversitySawyer Seminars - Political Will06/06/13$175,000Ithaca, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
Brown UniversitySawyer Seminar: 'Displacement and the Making of the Modern World: Histories, Ecologies, and Subjectivities'06/05/14$175,000Providence, RI, United StatesHigher Learning
University of California at RiversideSawyer Seminar: 'Alternative Futurisms'06/05/14$175,000Riverside, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of TorontoSawyer Seminar: 'Religious Materiality in the Indian Ocean World, 1300 - 1800'06/05/14$175,000Toronto, Ontario, CanadaHigher Learning
Emory UniversitySawyer Seminar: "New Scholarship on the Affects"06/04/15$175,000Atlanta, GA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of Illinois at ChicagoSawyer Seminar: "Geographies of Justice"06/04/15$175,000Chicago, IL, United StatesHigher Learning
Georgetown UniversitySawyer Seminar: Approaching the Anthropocene09/15/16$175,000Washington, DC, United StatesHigher Learning
University of ChicagoSawyer Seminar: Urban Art and Urban Form09/15/16$175,000Chicago, IL, United StatesHigher Learning
University of California at Santa CruzSawyer Seminar: "Non-citizenship"06/04/15$175,000Santa Cruz, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
Duke UniversitySawyer Seminar: Corporate Rights and International Law09/15/16$175,000Durham, NC, United StatesHigher Learning
Washington University in St. LouisSawyer Seminar: Grounding the Ecocritical09/15/16$175,000St. Louis, MO, United StatesHigher Learning
Harvard UniversitySawyer Seminar - Comparative Study of Cultures: Hearing Modernity05/31/12$175,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesHigher Learning
Carnegie Mellon UniversitySawyer Seminars - The Ghetto Concept, Conditions, and Connections06/06/13$175,000Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of Texas at AustinSawyer Seminars - Territorial Roots and Diasporic Routes06/06/13$175,000Austin, TX, United StatesHigher Learning
University of California at DavisSawyer Seminar: 'Surveillance Democracies?'06/05/14$175,000Davis, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of Massachusetts at AmherstSawyer Seminar: 'The Medieval in the Modern: Rethinking Global Paradigms of Political Economy and Culture'06/05/14$175,000Amherst, MA, United StatesHigher Learning
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