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208  Grants awarded for  $33,876,000
Cornell UniversitySawyer Seminars - Social Movements and Regime Change in Latin America and Post-Communist Europe06/16/06$120,000Ithaca, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillSawyer Seminars - The Changing Nature[s] of Land: Property, Peasants, and Agricultural Production in a Global World06/16/06$120,000Chapel Hill, NC, United StatesHigher Learning
University of CambridgeSawyer Seminars - Crisis, What Crisis?06/13/08$128,000Cambridge, United KingdomHigher Learning
University of Cape TownSawyer Seminars - Knowledge, Diversity, and Power06/13/08$150,000Cape Town, South AfricaHigher Learning
University of OxfordSawyer Seminars - About Turns: Conversion in Late Antiquity06/13/08$150,000Oxford, United KingdomHigher Learning
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySawyer Seminars - Sensing the Unseen06/19/09$145,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesHigher Learning
Stanford UniversitySawyer Seminars - Gender Bias in the Past and Future of Asia06/19/09$150,000Stanford, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of EdinburghSawyer Seminars - Embodied Values: Bringing the Senses Back to the Environment06/19/09$150,000Edinburgh, United KingdomHigher Learning
University of MichiganSawyer Seminars - Ethnicity in African Societies: Historical Comparative and Contemporary Investigations06/19/09$150,000Ann Arbor, MI, United StatesHigher Learning
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillSawyer Seminars - Precarious Work in Asia06/18/10$175,000Chapel Hill, NC, United StatesHigher Learning
Brown UniversitySawyer Seminars - Animal Magnetism06/03/11$175,000Providence, RI, United StatesHigher Learning
Indiana UniversitySawyer Seminars - Food Choice, Freedom, and Politics06/03/11$172,000Bloomington, IN, United StatesHigher Learning
Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Inc.Sawyer Seminars - Contentious Politics12/12/94$110,000Stanford, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
The New SchoolSawyer Seminars - Military, Politics, and Society12/06/96$100,000New York, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
Emory UniversitySawyer Seminars - Healthcare Market/Defining Public Health 03/17/97$200,000Atlanta, GA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of PennsylvaniaSawyer Seminars - Globalization and Inequality03/17/97$100,000Philadelphia, PA, United StatesHigher Learning
Duke UniversitySawyer Seminar: Language Discrimination in Fragile and Precarious Communities09/12/19$225,000Durham, NC, United StatesHigher Learning
University of Colorado at BoulderSawyer Seminar--Deep Horizons: Making Visible an Unseen Spectrum of Ecological Casualties & Prospects09/12/19$225,000Boulder, CO, United StatesHigher Learning
Johns Hopkins UniversitySawyer Seminar: Precision and Uncertainty in a World of Data09/06/18$225,000Baltimore, MD, United StatesHigher Learning
Tufts UniversitySawyer Seminar: Defamiliarizing the Family: Genealogy and Kinship as Critical Method09/06/18$225,000Medford, MA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of Illinois at ChicagoSawyer Seminar: Urban Edges: Dreams Divisions, and Infrastructure09/06/18$225,000Chicago, IL, United StatesHigher Learning
University of IowaSawyer Seminar: Imagining Latinidades: Articulations of National Belonging09/06/18$225,000Iowa City, IA, United StatesHigher Learning
Yale UniversitySawyer Seminar:The Order of Multitudes: Atlas, Encyclopedia, Museum09/06/18$225,000New Haven, CT, United StatesHigher Learning
Princeton UniversitySawyer Seminars - Civil Wars, Migration, and Citizenship03/16/98$200,000Princeton, NJ, United StatesHigher Learning
University of RochesterSawyer Seminar - Unbordering Migration in the Americas: Causes, Experiences, Identities09/18/20$225,000Rochester, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
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