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1,657  Grants awarded for  $793,519,305
Stanford UniversityRetrospective Conversion - East Asian Library06/13/03$800,000Stanford, CA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Boston UniversityBibliographic Database for East Asian Archaeology06/13/03$140,000Boston, MA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Rochester Institute of TechnologyDigital Image Benchmarking06/13/03$164,000Rochester, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Princeton UniversityEconomics of the Electronic Library10/07/94$290,000Princeton, NJ, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Tufts UniversityElectronic Library Links07/23/96$50,000Medford, MA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University of California at BerkeleyDigital Library of Medieval Manuscripts 09/20/96$430,000Berkeley, CA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
New York Public LibraryScholars-in-Residence [Post-Doctoral Fellowships in the Humanities]09/20/96$350,000New York, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
The Regents of the University of CaliforniaScholarly Monographs in Area Studies 09/12/97$400,000Oakland, CA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University of OxfordResearch Library Digitization Project06/22/98$50,000Oxford, United KingdomPublic Knowledge
Johns Hopkins UniversityComprehensive Access to Print Materials 10/02/98$376,000Baltimore, MD, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Columbia UniversityOnline Publishing Workshop08/23/99$44,640New York, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
American Society of International LawOnline Publishing Workshop08/25/99$48,000Washington, DC, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Council on Library and Information ResourcesAcademic Image Exchange [Western Art History Survey]09/17/99$100,000Washington, DC, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Somerset House Art History FoundationCourtauld Institute of Art11/17/00$20,500Merion Station, PA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Tsinghua University Education FoundationJSTOR11/20/00$36,000Beijing, ChinaPublic Knowledge
University of PennsylvaniaArchiving of Electronic Journals 12/15/00$150,000Philadelphia, PA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
The Pennsylvania State UniversityArt Imaging User Requirements12/15/00$755,000University Park, PA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University of LondonCourtauld Institute of Art10/19/01$49,000London, United KingdomPublic Knowledge
Saint Catherine’s MonasteryMedieval Manuscripts10/19/01$50,000Athens, GreecePublic Knowledge
Stanford UniversityStanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 12/17/01$43,000Stanford, CA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
The British LibraryDunhuang Materials II12/17/01$265,000London, United KingdomPublic Knowledge
Historical Society of PennsylvaniaSpecial Collections Cataloging12/16/02$490,000Philadelphia, PA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Yale UniversitySpecial Collections - Economic Growth 12/16/02$330,000New Haven, CT, United StatesPublic Knowledge
ARTstor, Inc.General Support12/16/02$5,000,000New York, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
British MuseumMellon International Dunhuang Archive - Phase II12/16/02$380,000London, United KingdomPublic Knowledge
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