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193  Grants awarded for  $32,924,000
GranteeProjectDate AmountLocationProgram
University of California at Santa CruzSawyer Seminar: Race, Empire, and the Environments of Biomedicine09/13/21$225,000Santa Cruz, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
Harvard UniversitySawyer Seminar: Changing Contours of Afrodescendant Citizenship in Latin America: Contestation, Consolidation, and Contradictions09/13/21$225,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of California at RiversideSawyer Seminar: Unarchiving Blackness: Why the Primacy of African and African Diaspora Studies Necessitates a Creative Reconsideration of Archives09/13/21$225,000Riverside, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
Emory UniversitySawyer Seminar: Visions of Slavery: Histories, Memories, and Mobilizations of Unfreedom in the Black Atlantic09/13/21$225,000Atlanta, GA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of California at IrvineSawyer Seminar: Black Reconstruction as a Portal09/13/21$225,000Irvine, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of IowaSawyer Seminar: Racial Reckoning and Social Justice through Comics09/13/21$225,000Iowa City, IA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of Southern CaliforniaSawyer Seminar: Precarious Ecologies: Science and Social Justice in the Production of Environmental Knowledge 09/13/21$225,000Los Angeles, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
New York UniversitySawyer Seminar: Indigenous Futures in Times of Crisis09/13/21$225,000New York, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
Boston UniversitySawyer Seminars - US and EU Border Externalization Regimes: Ethics, Identities, and Impacts12/08/22$225,000Boston, MA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of MichiganThe Africana Muslim and Genealogies of White Supremacy: Seminar for Interdisciplinary Study of Blackness and Muslimness12/08/22$225,000Ann Arbor, MI, United StatesHigher Learning
Rutgers, The State University of New JerseySawyer Seminars - The Afterlives of Liberation: Antiracist Praxis for the Twenty-First Century12/08/22$225,000New Brunswick, NJ, United StatesHigher Learning
Brandeis UniversitySawyer Seminars - Imperiled Bodies: Slavery, Colonialism, Citizenship and The Logics of Gender-Based Violence12/08/22$225,000Waltham, MA, United StatesHigher Learning
Indiana UniversitySawyer Seminars - Global Slaveries, Fugitivity, and the Afterlives of Unfreedom: Interconnections in Comparative Dialogue12/08/22$225,000Bloomington, IN, United StatesHigher Learning
Georgetown UniversitySawyer Seminars - Creative Placemaking, Black Restorative Ecologies, and Black Spatial Futures12/08/22$225,000Washington, DC, United StatesHigher Learning
Northwestern UniversitySawyer Seminars - On Decolonizing Theatre12/08/22$225,000Evanston, IL, United StatesHigher Learning
University of TorontoSawyer Seminars - Evasion: Thinking the Underside of Surveillance12/08/22$223,000Toronto, ON, CanadaHigher Learning
University of Minnesota at Twin CitiesSawyer Seminars - Just Policing: Transnational Perspectives On the Definition and Possibility of Justice in Law Enforcement12/08/22$225,000Minneapolis, MN, United StatesHigher Learning
Stanford UniversitySawyer Seminars - The Data that Divides Us: Recalibrating Data Methods for New Knowledge Frameworks Across the Humanities12/09/22$224,000Stanford, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
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