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1,620  Grants awarded for  $755,073,805
Johns Hopkins UniversityDemonstration of Manuscript Interoperability 10/03/07$48,000Baltimore, MD, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University of OxfordElectronic Enlightenment Phase VI09/18/08$101,000Oxford, United KingdomPublic Knowledge
Robert W. Woodruff Library of the Atlanta University Center, Inc.Software Programmer for Martin Luther King Jr. Collection09/18/08$65,000Atlanta, GA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and Public PolicyDeveloping an Online Prosopographical Database of the Founding Era - Phase I09/18/08$327,000Charlottesville, VA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Rochester Institute of TechnologyValidating the Accuracy of the MCSL Imaging 06/22/09$50,000Rochester, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University of MichiganPlanning for the Validation of Digital Objects in the HathiTrust Repository08/03/09$49,000Ann Arbor, MI, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Kronos Performing Arts AssociationImproving Access to and Preservation of Archival Collections09/24/09$100,000San Francisco, CA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Pittsburgh Symphony, Inc.Improving Access to and Preservation of Archival Collections09/24/09$92,000Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Inc.Improving Access to and Preservation of Archival Collections 09/24/09$77,000Baltimore, MD, United StatesPublic Knowledge
American Symphony Orchestra LeagueImproving Access to and Preservation of Archival Collections09/24/09$51,000New York, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Columbia UniversityPlanning for Shared Library Services 09/24/09$385,000New York, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
The Regents of the University of CaliforniaExamining the Relationship Between Print and Digital Repositories 09/24/09$70,000Oakland, CA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
LYRASISDeveloping Open Source Support Services09/24/09$192,000Atlanta, GA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
New-York Historical SocietyTraining and Professional Development09/24/09$50,000New York, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University of Minnesota at Twin CitiesDeveloping a Bibliographic Resource for the Ethics Community II09/24/09$264,000Minneapolis, MN, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University of California at Los AngelesExploring the Use of Virtual World Technologies to Advance Humanistic Research07/19/10$50,000Los Angeles, CA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Miami UniversityImproving Interpretive Tools for Digitized 18th Century Texts 07/19/10$41,000Oxford, OH, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Eleutherian Mills-Hagley Foundation, Inc.Professional Development and Training Program09/16/10$50,000Wilmington, DE, United StatesPublic Knowledge
George Mason UniversityImproving Access to the Zotero Tool09/16/10$600,000Fairfax, VA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University College Dublin, National University of IrelandIrish Franciscan Archive Assessment 07/05/11$43,000Dublin, IrelandPublic Knowledge
Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical CollegeArchive: A Digital Journal09/15/11$108,000Baton Rouge, LA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University of DelawareBook and Paper Conservation Training Program - Phase II09/15/11$407,000Newark, DE, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Johns Hopkins UniversityImplications of Patron-Driven Acquisitions for the Scholarly Publishing Community 09/15/11$83,000Baltimore, MD, United StatesPublic Knowledge
New York UniversityPlanning for an Archive of Classical Performance05/29/12$50,000New York, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Furman UniversityIntegrating Canonical Text Services with Open Annotation 07/16/12$55,000Greenville, SC, United StatesPublic Knowledge
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