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1,670  Grants awarded for  $800,011,430
GranteeProjectDateAmount LocationProgram
University of ChicagoBlack Metropolis Research Consortium Survey Development 01/28/08$50,000Chicago, IL, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Council on Library and Information ResourcesPlanning for Digitization of Hidden Special Collections and Archives02/18/14$50,000Washington, DC, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Center for Research LibrariesScholarly Collections Access01/19/01$50,000Chicago, IL, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Slovak National LibrarySlovak Monograph Retroconversion02/21/01$50,000Hronskeno, SlovakiaPublic Knowledge
Amigos Library ServicesPreservation Field Service Center03/16/01$50,000Dallas, TX, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced StudyDigitation of Photographic Materials01/09/97$50,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Southeastern Library Network, Inc.Improving Preservation Field Service Centers09/19/03$50,000Atlanta, GA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University of KentuckyElectronic Editions 06/26/06$50,000Lexington, KY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
The Medici Archive Project, Inc.Developing a Plan to Redesign the Medici Archives' Online Catalog08/03/09$50,000New York, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University College Dublin, National University of IrelandExtensible Infrastructure for Irish Research Libraries08/08/11$50,000Dublin, IrelandPublic Knowledge
New York UniversityMaking of New York05/07/96$50,000New York, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Royal SocietyJSTOR Participation05/25/99$50,000London, United KingdomPublic Knowledge
Association pour le Rayonnement des Arts asiatiques (Musee Guimet)Mellon International Dunhuang Archive07/21/00$50,000Paris, FrancePublic Knowledge
Stonewall National Museum & Archives, Inc.Support for Community-Based Archives12/11/20$50,000Fort Lauderdale, FL, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University of Cape TownBleek and Lloyd Archives05/02/03$50,000Cape Town, South AfricaPublic Knowledge
College of CharlestonImaging, Analysis, and Publication of Linear B Tablets from Pylos08/19/13$50,000Charleston, SC, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Smithsonian InstitutionAmerican Art Collaborative Linked Open Data Initiative07/21/14$50,000Washington, DC, United StatesPublic Knowledge
American Political Science AssociationOnline Scholarly Portal10/06/00$50,000Washington, DC, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Michigan State UniversityPlanning, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance to the National Archives of South Africa12/16/02$50,000East Lansing, MI, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Princeton UniversityPrinceton Prosody Archive09/24/12$50,000Princeton, NJ, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Cornell UniversitySignale - A Monographic Publication in German Studies02/01/10$50,000Ithaca, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Hispanic Society of AmericaThe Altamira Archive of the Hispanic Society of America03/05/12$50,000New York, NY, United StatesPublic Knowledge
James Madison UniversityARTstor Database02/28/03$50,000Harrisonburg, VA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
University of VictoriaPlanning for Renaissance Knowledge Network05/19/14$50,000Victoria, BC, CanadaPublic Knowledge
Northeastern UniversityResearch Agenda for Historical and Multilingual OCR05/22/17$50,000Boston, MA, United StatesPublic Knowledge
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