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218  Grants awarded for  $36,126,000
GranteeProjectDate AmountLocationProgram
University of VirginiaSawyer Seminar: Reimagining the American Landscape: Race and the Future of Public History09/13/21$225,000Charlottesville, VA, United StatesHigher Learning
Johns Hopkins UniversitySawyer Seminar: Rethinking the Right to the City through the Black Radical Tradition09/13/21$225,000Baltimore, MD, United StatesHigher Learning
University of California at Santa CruzSawyer Seminar: Race, Empire, and the Environments of Biomedicine09/13/21$225,000Santa Cruz, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
Harvard UniversitySawyer Seminar: Changing Contours of Afrodescendant Citizenship in Latin America: Contestation, Consolidation, and Contradictions09/13/21$225,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of California at RiversideSawyer Seminar: Unarchiving Blackness: Why the Primacy of African and African Diaspora Studies Necessitates a Creative Reconsideration of Archives09/13/21$225,000Riverside, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
Emory UniversitySawyer Seminar: Visions of Slavery: Histories, Memories, and Mobilizations of Unfreedom in the Black Atlantic09/13/21$225,000Atlanta, GA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of California at IrvineSawyer Seminar: Black Reconstruction as a Portal09/13/21$225,000Irvine, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of IowaSawyer Seminar: Racial Reckoning and Social Justice through Comics09/13/21$225,000Iowa City, IA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of Southern CaliforniaSawyer Seminar: Precarious Ecologies: Science and Social Justice in the Production of Environmental Knowledge 09/13/21$225,000Los Angeles, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
New York UniversitySawyer Seminar: Indigenous Futures in Times of Crisis09/13/21$225,000New York, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
Rice UniversitySawyer Seminar - Diasporic Cultures of Slavery: Engaging Disciplines, Engaging Communities09/18/20$225,000Houston, TX, United StatesHigher Learning
University of California at Santa BarbaraSawyer Seminar - Race, Precarity, and Privilege: Migration in a Global Context09/18/20$225,000Santa Barbara, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of RochesterSawyer Seminar - Unbordering Migration in the Americas: Causes, Experiences, Identities09/18/20$225,000Rochester, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey at NewarkSawyer Seminar - Natives and Nativists, Migrants and Immigrants in an American City09/18/20$225,000Newark, NJ, United StatesHigher Learning
The New SchoolSawyer Seminar - Currency and Empire: Monetary Policy, Race, and Power09/18/20$225,000New York, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
University of Massachusetts at AmherstSawyer Seminar - Race and Visual Culture in the Americas 20th-21st Centuries09/18/20$225,000Amherst, MA, United StatesHigher Learning
Brown UniversitySawyer Seminar - Rethinking the Dynamic Interplay of Migration, Race, and Ethnicity in the Caribbean and Latin America09/18/20$225,000Providence, RI, United StatesHigher Learning
The Pennsylvania State UniversitySawyer Seminar - Transmission, Containment, Transformation: A Comparative Approach to Architecture and Contagion in Early Modern Cities09/18/20$225,000University Park, PA, United StatesHigher Learning
The Graduate Center of the City University of New YorkSawyer Seminar - Race and the Middle East/North Africa09/18/20$225,000New York, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
Tulane UniversitySawyer Seminar - Sites of Memory: New Orleans and Place-based Histories in the Americas09/18/20$225,000New Orleans, LA, United StatesHigher Learning
Duke UniversitySawyer Seminar: Language Discrimination in Fragile and Precarious Communities09/12/19$225,000Durham, NC, United StatesHigher Learning
University of CambridgeSawyer Seminar--Histories of Artificial Intelligence: A Genealogy of Power09/12/19$225,000Cambridge, United KingdomHigher Learning
University of California at Los AngelesSawyer Seminar -- Sanctuary Spaces: Reworlding Humanism09/12/19$225,000Los Angeles, CA, United StatesHigher Learning
University of MichiganSawyer Seminar--Sites of Translation in the Multilingual Midwest09/12/19$225,000Ann Arbor, MI, United StatesHigher Learning
Columbia UniversitySawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures entitled ‚ÄĚTrust and Mistrust of Science and Experts."09/12/19$225,000New York, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
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