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17,157  Grants awarded for  $7,110,558,131
GranteeProjectDateAmount LocationProgram
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterGeneral Support03/14/72$20,000New York, NY, United StatesPast Programs
Community Council of Greater New York, Inc.Regular Annual03/14/72$20,000New York, NY, United StatesOther
National Association of Educational BroadcastersConferences on Public Radio and Television Broadcasting03/28/79$20,000Washington, DC, United StatesArts and Culture
University of South CarolinaCACTUS Computer Programs03/18/81$20,000Columbia, SC, United StatesHigher Learning
Harvard UniversityArnold Arboretum03/14/84$20,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesPast Programs
Museum of BroadcastingCataloguing Project03/19/87$20,000New York, NY, United StatesArts and Culture
Association of Research LibrariesSymposium on Special Collections01/19/01$20,000Washington, DC, United StatesPublic Knowledge
Social Science Research CouncilInternational Law, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Assistance01/25/02$20,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesPast Programs
Playwrights’ Center, Inc.US/Japan Playwright Exchange02/21/06$20,000Minneapolis, MN, United StatesArts and Culture
University of Cape TownPhD Student Retreats - Phase II 01/30/12$20,000Cape Town, South AfricaInternational Higher Education and Strategic Projects
Kenyon CollegeNext Generation Library Initiative01/26/09$20,000Gambier, OH, United StatesHigher Learning
Hubbard Brook Research Foundation Inc.Institutional Establishment05/15/97$20,000Hanover, NH, United StatesPast Programs
Cornell UniversityNew Directions Fellowships - Subventions08/02/02$20,000Ithaca, NY, United StatesHigher Learning
Opera America, Inc.Relocation Expenses07/05/05$20,000New York, NY, United StatesArts and Culture
The Debate Society, Ltd.New York Theater Program06/04/15$20,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesArts and Culture
Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Inc.New York Theater Program06/01/17$20,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesArts and Culture
The Debate Society, Ltd.New York Theater Program06/01/17$20,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesArts and Culture
University of PennsylvaniaMinority Training in Demography05/24/02$20,000Philadelphia, PA, United StatesPast Programs
American Economic Association, Inc.Higher Education Economic Impact 03/29/04$20,000Nashville, TN, United StatesOther
American Academy of Arts and SciencesInternational Institute for Applied Systems Analysis - Young Scientists06/15/83$20,000Cambridge, MA, United StatesPast Programs
University of IowaEEP - Czech Business Service06/07/93$20,000Iowa City, IA, United StatesOther
National Center For Nonprofit BoardsGeneral Support05/17/94$20,000Washington, DC, United StatesOther
American Economic Association, Inc.US/USSR Exchanges04/04/92$20,000Nashville, TN, United StatesOther
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship FoundationMellon Mays Fellows Leadership Organization 03/14/11$20,000Princeton, NJ, United StatesHigher Learning
University of WashingtonMinorities in Ecology03/17/97$20,000Seattle, WA, United StatesPast Programs
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