Changes in Grant Terms

A grantee wishing to change the terms of a grant, through extension of the grant period, reallocation of grant funds, or rollover of funds from one Foundation grant into another given for the same purpose, or to transfer a grant to another organization, should contact program staff with a brief description of the proposed change.  If staff determine that additional documentation is necessary, they will direct the grantee to the Foundation's grant modification procedures.  Grantees must obtain advanced written approval from the Foundation for any such material change.  Significant changes, such as repurposing a grant or modifying the terms of a matching grant, require staff to seek the approval of the Foundation's Board of Trustees.  Such requests are not routinely brought to the Board of Trustees nor are they necessarily granted.

Grantees should also promptly inform the Foundation in writing of significant changes in project staffing, organizational leadership, scheduling, or budgeting, when such changes occur during the grant period.  The Foundation reserves the right to suspend the use of grant funds if the change is considered material to the success of the grant.