Foundation Officers

Elizabeth Alexander, President

Michele S. Warman, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel and Secretary

Scott Taylor, Chief Investment Officer

Office of the President

Elizabeth Alexander, President

Julie B. Ehrlich, Program Advisor and Chief of Staff

Ehsan Jami, Senior Executive Assistant

Michael Shattner, Senior Executive Assistant

Yasmeen Allen Martei, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Planning

Alexis Ortiz, Program Associate

Josie Hodson, Research Associate

Amy Erwin, Senior Event and Meeting Planner

Rachel Elizabeth Zeiss, Event and Meeting Planner

Shonda Carter, Executive Assistant

Programs and Research

Office of the Executive Vice President for Programs and Research

Camilla Somers, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Planning


Higher Education and Scholarship in the Humanities

Armando I. Bengochea, Senior Program Officer and Director of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Dianne Harris, Senior Program Officer

Eugene M. Tobin, Senior Program Officer

Sharon Blackwell, Executive Assistant

Lee Bynum, Senior Program Associate and Associate Director of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Emma Taati, Senior Program Associate

Mary Bates, Program Associate

Susan I. Dady, Program Associate

Elizabeth Foley, Program Associate

Martha Sullivan, Program Associate

Beatriz Dal Poz, Program Assistant

Yoona Hong, Program Assistant

Chris Jo, Program Assistant

Elizabeth LoCascio, Program Assistant

Elizabeth Spenst, Program Assistant

Arts and Cultural Heritage

Emil J. Kang, Program Director

Erin Cantrell-Martinez, Executive Assistant

Susan Feder, Program Officer

Hannah Ford, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Planning

Hannah Durack, Senior Program Associate

Abigail Choudhury, Program Associate

Holly Harrison, Program Associate

Emily Waters, Program Associate

Sophie Fishbein, Program Assistant

Natasha Forrester, Program Assistant

Scholarly Communications

Patricia Hswe, Program Officer

Michael Gossett, Program Associate

Molly McGrane-Cleary, Program Assistant

Celia Bradley, Administrative Assistant


Institutional Research

Heather Kim, Director of Institutional Research

Jay (Koby) Oppenheim, Data Analyst

Jessica Feldman, Research Analyst


Susanne Pichler, Librarian

Lisa M. Bonifacic, Associate Librarian

Claudia Berger, Library Assistant

Haian Abdirahman, Archivist


Cathy Davidson, Fellow in Residence

Stephen Pitti, Fellow in Residence

Olga Viso, Fellow in Residence

Michael McPherson, Senior Consulting Fellow

Saleem Badat, Consulting Fellow


Office of the Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel and Secretary

Michele S. Warman, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel and Secretary

John McDonald, Manager of Projects and Planning

Debra Coke, Senior Executive Assistant

Legal and Compliance

Patricia J. Diaz, Associate General Counsel

Henri Benaim, Assistant General Counsel

Peri Zelig, Assistant General Counsel


Laura Washington, Director of Communications

Rachel Clift, Content Writer and Multimedia Producer

Timothy Wroten, Communications Specialist


Thomas Sanders, Chief Financial Officer

Christy Cicatello, Director of Accounting

Kareema Fernan, Senior Accountant

Raquel Fernandez, Senior Accountant

Lloyd Newell, Senior Accountant

Amelia Blackman, Staff Specialist

Ann Siddiqui, Director of Investment Accounting

Alejandra Sotomayor, Senior Investment Accountant

Komal Vermani, Senior Investment Accountant

Alan Rosario, Senior Investment Staff Accountant

Cecelia Gray, Administrative Assistant

Human Resources

Annette J. Phillips, Director of Human Resources

Ihsan Christie, Manager of Human Resources Operations

Carolina Chavez, Human Resources Generalist

Mark Almozara, Human Resources Coordinator

Data Management

Nora Mitnick, Manager of Grant Information Systems

Jessica Williams, Grant Information Systems Analyst

Carlos Gonzalez, Database Analyst

Angela Harrison, Database Analyst

Bianca Lucien, Database Assistant

Kristen C. Ratanatharathorn, Application Support Analyst

Grant Accounting

Jocelyn Brekken, Grant Accounting Manager

Kimberly Herder, Grant Accountant

Grant Management

Alex Alberti, Grant Management Associate

Andrew Fox, Grant Management Associate

Information Technology

Douglas Torre, Director of Information Technology

Mitul Patel, IT Solutions Architect

Matthew Thompson, IT Manager

Charles Aikhoje, IT Service Engineer

Dave Padua, IT Service Engineer

Umesh Lamba, IT Program Manager

Facilities and Office Services

Ronald M. Sheppard, Director of Facilities

David Hughes, Assistant Facilities Manager

Anthony Parler, Facilities Assistant

Marek Szczesny, Facilities Assistant

Vivian Cheung, Office Services Assistant

Dianne Walsh, Receptionist

Vivien Ying, Receptionist


Office of the Chief Investment Officer

Scott Taylor, Chief Investment Officer

Doris E. Cruz, Senior Executive Assistant

Abigail Kahn Archibald, Senior Portfolio Manager

Karen Inal, Senior Portfolio Manager

Michelle Knudsen, Senior Portfolio Manager

Monica C. Spencer, Senior Portfolio Manager

Emily Hickman, Portfolio Manager

Kevin Graham, Director of Investment Operations

Brittany Kidd Laroche, Senior Investment Analyst

Rachel Gladstone, Investment Analyst

Miguel Gutierrez, Investment Analyst

Lacey-Ann Wisdom, Investment Analyst

Fernanda Polax-Nainggolan, Investment Operations Analyst