Foundation Officers

Elizabeth Alexander, President

Scott Taylor, Chief Investment Officer

Carter Stewart, Executive Vice President for Programs

Office of the President

Elizabeth Alexander, President

Julie B. Ehrlich, Director of Presidential Initiatives and Chief of Staff

Lily Alvarado, Senior Executive Assistant

Ehsan Jami, Senior Executive Assistant

Michael Shattner, Senior Executive Assistant

Yasmeen Allen Martei, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Planning

Alexis Ortiz, Senior Program Associate

Emma Boast, Program Associate

Martha Scott Burton, Research Associate

Jack Frésquez, Program and Research Assistant

Tatiana Evans, Program Assistant

Office of the Executive Vice President for Programs

Carter Stewart, Executive Vice President for Programs

Johnny Leavitt, Senior Executive Assistant


Higher Learning

Phillip Brian Harper, Program Director

Armando I. Bengochea, Senior Program Officer and Director of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Carolyn Dinshaw, Senior Program Officer

Maria Sachiko Cecire, Program Officer

Dale Rejtmar, Senior Executive Assistant

Jeffrey James Keyes, Executive Assistant

Camilla Somers, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Planning

Renee Johnson-Thornton, Senior Program Associate and Associate Director of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Emma Taati, Senior Program Associate

Mary Bates, Program Associate

Susan I. Dady, Program Associate

Elizabeth Foley, Program Associate

Ashley Garner, Program Associate

Logan Heiman, Program Associate

Daniel Kent, Program Associate for Research

Kris Choe, Program Assistant

Yoona Hong, Program Assistant

Chris Jo, Program Assistant

Elizabeth LoCascio, Program Assistant

Arts and Culture

Emil J. Kang, Program Director

Deborah Cullen-Morales, Program Officer

Deana Haggag, Program Officer

Erin Cantrell-Martinez, Executive Assistant

Zuleika Milan, Executive Assistant

Hannah Ford, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Planning

Emily L. Waters, Senior Program Associate

Abigail Choudhury, Program Associate

Jackie Clay, Program Associate

Casandra Hernández Faham, Program Associate

Isabel Quinzaños Alonso, Program Associate

Kibra Yohannes, Program Associate

Jessica Feldman, Research Associate

Natasha Forrester, Program Assistant

Rachel Ninomiya, Program Assistant

Rocco Praderio, Program Assistant

Gonzalo Casals, Senior Research and Policy Fellow

Public Knowledge

Patricia Hswe, Program Officer

Michael Gossett, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Planning

Celia Bradley, Program Associate

Chandra Marshall, Program Associate

Julia Marden, Research Associate

Humanities in Place

Justin Garrett Moore, Program Officer

Mammotsa Makhene, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Planning

Julissa Peña, Program Associate

Achille Tenkiang, Program Assistant

Alex Whittaker, Program Assistant


Institutional Research

Jay (Koby) Oppenheim, Senior Data Analyst


Susanne Pichler, Director, Library and Archives

Lisa M. Bonifacic, Associate Librarian

Haian Abdirahman, Archivist


Legal, Compliance & Operations

Patricia J. Diaz, Acting General Counsel and Secretary

Lisa Mintz, Senior Executive Assistant

Peri Zelig, Associate General Counsel

Henri Benaim, Assistant General Counsel

Paola Vasquez, Paralegal

Jocelyn Brekken, Director of Grant Accounting

Kimberly Herder, Senior Grant Accountant

Carolyn Wendrowski, Director of Operations and Business Systems

John Mejia-McDonald, Manager, Enterprise Projects and Planning

Maria Moschopoulos, Operations Associate

Audrey Hornick-Becker, Operations Project Manager

Michèle Boddewyn, Facilities Project Manager

Akua Bonsu, Operations Administrative Coordinator


Vanessa K. Corrêa, Chief Communications Officer

Janel L. Brown, Senior Executive Assistant

Tonya Bell, Director of Media and Public Relations

Caitlin Callaghan, Director of Strategic and Executive Communications

Pierre Tardif, Creative Director

Colleen J. Ross, Integrated Content Director

Rachel Clift, Senior Content Strategist and Producer

Anthony Balas, Integrated Content Manager

Marissa Hutton, Internal Communications Manager

Timothy Wroten, Social Media Manager and Web Editor

Maggie Slowey, Media Relations Associate

Shital Patel, Director of Events

Ianna Angelo, Senior Events Manager

Amy Erwin, Institutional Events Manager

Rachel Elizabeth Zeiss, Events Manager

Shevaun O'Neill, Events Coordinator


Sepi Sepasi, Chief Financial Officer

Christy Cicatello, Director of Accounting

Kareema Fernan, Accounting Manager

Raquel Fernandez, Accounting Manager

Lloyd Newell, Senior Accountant

Mabel Olivera, Senior Accountant

Margaret Stepien, Senior Financial Analyst

Ashley Daube, Staff Accountant

Ann Siddiqui, Director of Investment Accounting

Alejandra Sotomayor, Senior Investment Accountant

Komal Vermani, Senior Investment Accountant

Alan Rosario, Senior Investment Staff Accountant

Josephine Kang, Administrative Assistant

Human Resources

Annette J. Phillips, Chief Human Resources Officer

Ihsan Christie, Manager of Human Resources Operations

Carolina Chavez, Human Resources Generalist

Mark Almozara, Human Resources Specialist

Rabeya Nizam, Human Resources Specialist

Grants and Data Management

Nora Mitnick, Director of Grants and Data Management

Kristen C. Ratanatharathorn, Senior Program and Grant Information Systems Associate

Angela Harrison, Senior Data Analyst

Bianca Lucien, Database Analyst

Matt Tomasello, Database Support Analyst

Marina Gillen, Data Visualization Analyst

Nnamudi Amobi, Grants Manager

Schuyler Marquez, Grants Manager

Nina Pincus, Grants Manager

Vicente Martinez, Grants Management Coordinator

Information Technology

Barbara-Ann Fox, Director of Information Technology

Mitul Patel, IT Solutions Architect

Matthew Thompson, Manager of Infrastructure Operations

Charles Aikhoje, Senior IT Service Engineer

Dave Padua, IT Service Engineer

Laura Rosario, IT Service Engineer

Ethan Laney, Administrative Assistant

Facilities and Office Services

Ronald M. Sheppard, Director of Facilities

David Hughes, Assistant Facilities Manager

Anthony Parler, Facilities Assistant

Marek Szczesny, Facilities Assistant

Johnny Ho, Office Services Manager

Vivian Cheung, Office Services Assistant

Vivien Ying, Receptionist


Office of the Chief Investment Officer

Scott Taylor, Chief Investment Officer

Doris E. Cruz, Senior Executive Assistant

Abigail Kahn Archibald, Senior Portfolio Manager

Yindeng Jiang, Senior Portfolio Manager

Michelle Knudsen, Senior Portfolio Manager

Emily Hickman, Portfolio Manager

Laura Kim, Portfolio Manager

Jennifer Popp, Consultant

Kevin Graham, Director of Investment Operations

Fernanda Polax-Nainggolan, Investment Operations Analyst

Makayla Baker, Senior Investment Analyst

Dawei Liu, Senior Investment Analyst

Spencer Shapiro, Senior Investment Analyst

Samantha Holmes, Investment Analyst

Ravi Shah, Investment Analyst

Kamilla Szabados, Investment Analyst

Nicholas Wade, Investment Analyst

Olivia Whitehouse, Administrative Assistant